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about gala vanting

N.B. I’m Gala Vanting, professional BDSM switch.  If you are looking for Mistress Gala, who is another wonderful person entirely, you will find her here.

Sexuality is my passion.  This has been true of me always.  Even before I could say it out loud.  I make a life and a career out of it, approaching it with lustful reverence from a variety of angles.  I am truly in my power in what I do, at ease with my sexuality, and at peace with my perversion.  My work aims to offer some of this to you in the hopes that it might catch on.

One of the realms of sexuality that most fascinates, excites, and elevates me is BDSM and kink.  It’s a practice that’s dear to my heart and nestled in the core of my being in ways that have become completely normalised.  I was a fetishist before I knew what one was, fascinated by my own piss and having genderfucking fantasies before I could write my own name.  This is significant, and I say it not to cause arousal (though we all know why you’re here), but to illustrate how ‘granted’ this identity and this play has always been for me.  In the words of the great Gaga: I was born this way.

And so it’s my pleasure to build this desire and this craft into a professional practice, offering others the opportunity to share their own fetishes, perversions and pleasures in a safe, discrete, and deliciously creative space.  Nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction than to connect on an intimate level with those elements of another which are so often hidden from sight.  I am consistently energised, moved, aroused, and humbled by the people with whom I play and most grateful to be able to hold this space for them and for myself.

In addition to my work as a professional BDSM practitioner, I also work as a filmmaker, pleasure activist, educator, and public speaker and presenter.  If you’re curious you can find out more about that work here.  I enjoy the balance that these other manifestations of my passion for human sexuality bring to my career, and see myself as an interdisciplinary ‘erotic imaginst‘.  I strive for integration where possible, and the things I learn in the other elements of my career, particularly around compassion, communication, and creativity, absolutely inform my BDSM and kink play.

I deeply value sustainability and personal health and create these things in my own life through my interests in permaculture, gardening, yoga, cycling, swimming, cooking, fermentation, dance, camping and festivalgoing, entheogenics, bodywork, and travel.  I have lived on three continents and travelled extensively, with Melbourne being the first city I’d truly settled in since I left home at the age of 18.  My work continues to take me to wonderful places, and I travel both within Australia and to Europe & the UK regularly.  While I’m grateful for the adventure this brings to my life, I admit to being a bit of a homebody and preference my garden over most other locales these days.

I take regular breaks from my work to give myself some space to decompress and integrate.  This may affect my session availability, but it definitely increases the quality of the time I spend with you.