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preparing for session

I put a great deal of effort into preparing for our session; it is my sincere desire to make the most of the time we have together and to meet you with a calm, clear headspace, and I expect the same of you.

To prepare for your session, please leave yourself ample travel time.  Do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for session.  Like an appointment with any professional, you should also let me know if you are running late.  I conduct my sessions to a strict timetable and am not always able to reserve space for us if you are significantly late for our appointment.

Please ensure that your personal hygeine is well cared for.  I conduct all of my sessions in premises with shower facilities, which you’ll be able to use as part of your session.

Confirmation of your booking is required by phone within 24 hours of your booking start time.  Any cancellations that fall within this 24 hour period will be subject to a deposit to secure your next booking.  Cancellations that occur within 8 hours of the session time will incur a $50 cancellation fee, and your next booking will require a deposit.

If you are to bring anything or take a particular action to prepare for our play, I will let you know in advance via email or phone.

Before the start of our scheduled booking we will spend a few minutes consulting about the session content, your physical health, and anything else I should know to ensure your safety and pleasure during our play.  We will also establish a safe word or signal.  Please be sure to let me know anything that might affect the type, intensity, or length of play we have discussed.  Clear pre-session communication helps me to establish consent for the session.

Breathe.  It’s essential to you staying alive, which is of utmost importance to me, and might also help to calm whatever nerves you might be experiencing and drop you into some pre-session presence.  It’s good stuff.  Take as much as you need, unless you’ve specifically asked me not to let you.