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Miss Roxy

Miss Roxy is a Melbourne-based private escort who often joins in on my BDSM sessions to offer an more erotic element to the play.  Roxy specialises in goth and fetish and alternative aesthetics and services, and also takes great pleasure in sessioning with couples.  This makes her one of the more open-minded escorts I know, and I really enjoy the compassion and connection with which she meets our shared playmates.

Roxy is also a wonderful person to spend time with – intelligent and even a little geeky, fun, quirky, and with a great sense of humour, she’s less ‘girlfriend experience’ and more ‘partner in crime’.  She and I have shared a wide range of playspaces, ranging from an extended tie-and-tease session with a newcomer to kink to an adventurous, sci-fi inspired roleplay featuring aliens and very interesting experiments.  We love roleplay and we’ve been asked more than once to put on a bit of a show for a voyeur.  We can also collaborate as double dommes, or you and Roxy can bottom to me in a double-sub roleplay.  The possibilities are extensive and the more imaginative, the better.

My sessions with Roxy are creative and passionate, and I highly recommend you share one with us whenever you have the opportunity!

For inquiries about sessioning with Miss Roxy and I in Melbourne, please contact me.