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on top: the mistress / domina

Below are some of my favourite types of play in Mistress / Domina / top sessions.  My tastes are perpetually shifting and I am always open to suggestion, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your particular request.  The more obscure and creative your idea, the more compelled I am to expand my repertoire!

I love to administer spanking and corporal punishment, in both traditional and modern styles.  A blow well-received deserves another, and I revel in the aesthetic quality of a red bottom.  This can be particularly fun when accompanied by a roleplay.

The meditative qualities of impact play (flogging, cropping, canes, whips, etc) gets me into a truly ecstatic state and can be a fabulous way to ground you at the beginning of a session.  Nothing drops us into our bodies like a dose of endorphins.  Your experience level and ability to process each impact will inform my approach to its delivery.  Pain sluts are very welcome.

Bondage can serve such a wide variety of purposes in our play.  We can find great release in restriction, and it can also serve to reinforce a dynamic of power or takedown.  Whether with rope, leather, mummification, or sling suspension, the act of immobilising can serve me quite well in carrying out the rest of my plans for you.  And I get a kick out of watching you try to get from point A to point B in those restraints.

I highly encourage my submissives to at least try a bit of cock and ball torture (CBT).  I say ‘torture’, but really this can come in forms of pleasure just as much as pain.  If you’ve never found  yourself in a bit of cock and ball bondage, you really must give it a go – it can go to great lengths to enhance sensation.  For those more seasoned to this type of play, a good old ballbust always lifts my spirits.

I love to engage in a bit of rough handling to connect with my play partner and establish my position as facilitator or Dominant.  Shoving, slapping, hair-pulling, body manipulation, and weight-bearing all bring us into a form of deep contact and encourage you to sink more deeply into your ragdoll / bottom  status, allowing me more access to every part of your being.

Nothing brings a sense of presence quite like sensory deprivation.  It’s simple science: when we restrict one sense, we amplify another.  I love layering modes of sensory deprivation slowly throughout our time together, tuning your senses to encourage the response I desire.  I love the sense of peace that passes over your face when I take your sight.

Ah, sensation play.  So versatile, so un-loaded.  So applicable to almost any session.  You come to me to feel something different.  Or perhaps to feel more.  Drawing on whatever surrounds us in the space, and on my own bag of sensory tricks, we’ll use the simplicity of the flesh and the complexity of our tools to amplify sensation of all sorts.

One thing that you should definitely know about me is that I fuck arses (but only when invited to do so).  Anal play, including strap-on sex and fisting, is my specialty.  I love delving into the taboo which surrounds this particular part of the body, and my work with tantric breath becomes particularly applicable here.  I work slowly, patiently and consciously, so even if anal play has turned you off in the past, you might consider re-visiting this with a truly passionate professional.

I often get requests for prostate massage from those who have yet to experience the sensory potential of the prostate.  Locating it yourself can be a challenge, and learning how to best stimulate it for yourself is something that definitely benefits from a partner’s participation.  I get such deep joy out of introducing this type of sensation for the first time, or working with your already-developed enjoyment of this type of play.

For those who love a more imaginative playspace, or who find their presence in session well-aided by the structure of a roleplay, the possibilities are restricted only by your imagination.  I am particularly fond of adult baby / infantilism / mommy roleplays – what can I say, I’m a maternal creature.  Schoolmarm, doctor or nurse, perverse aunty, the nun from your Catholic schoolboy days – this is your chance to have the story told in the way you always fantasized it would unfold.  I love having the opportunity to embody an archetype and enjoy the challenge of staying in-role, regardless of our session’s organic unfolding.

I have always enjoyed play with bodily fluids as a way to offer the full essence of myself to those I session with.  Golden showers / urination play and spitting allow me to mark you as mine and are truly a privilege to receive.  It doesn’t get much more intimate than this.

Genderfucking is dear to my heart, and I admire those who are willing to blur gender lines with cross-dressing, feminisation, transformation, and sissy training.  Try putting on a new gender for the duration of our time together and integrating your new self into the rest of our play, or indulge yourself by putting all of our time towards the creation of your feminine alter-ego.

Want to be the ground I walk on?  Get down and allow yourself to be trampled.  The presence or absence of footwear is up to you – you can enjoy the delicate texture of my bare feet or experience the wrath of my stilettos on your flesh.

Being on my feet all day often finds me looking for a comfortable seat.  I use queening and facesitting as both a form of intimacy and of control.  Please note that I do not offer ‘natural’ services, and this applies to facesitting as well.  That doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the fully sensory experience of having your face full of my flesh.  And perhaps you’d even like to go home with the panties I wear when I do it.

Since the moment I first put a needle through flesh, I fell in love with the delicate quality of needleplay and play piercing.  To date this remains one of my favourite types of play, for its invasiveness, for its diverse uses, for the endorphin high it creates for both giver and receiver, and for the compassion and precision necessary to execute it.  The tone of each needle is slightly different, and I find that this is one of the best ways to enter into a state of elevated consciousness.  Truly fascinating stuff.

Giving me control over your arousal and orgasm is one of the ultimate experiences of submission.  Chastity, orgasm control, and orgasm denial are powers that truly make me high, and I am deeply aroused by the sight or sound of a supplicant begging to be permitted release.  Sometimes I even give it to them.

Humiliation play, whether verbal, physical, public, or any combination of the three, is something I find extremely exciting.  The ways in which we can transform our personal histories or invent new versions of self through deep humiliation are utterly fascinating.  This is a particularly delicate area of play which requires a level of trust and sensitivity that we can only establish through clear communication.  Testing your boundaries with this type of play is a huge undertaking, and I am humbled and empowered by your willingness to go there.

Dehumanisation is another deeply psychological area of play in which we can separate from our everyday perceptions of self.  This can take the form of animal roleplay (puppy, pony, etc) in which you transform your very nature; objectification, in which you are less than deserving of treatment as a human being; or even abandonment.

Here are some things my session offerings DO NOT include, so please don’t ask:

  • brown showers / scat play
  • roman showers / vomit play
  • unsafe sexual activity
  • illegal activities
  • rope suspension
  • electrical play