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Here’s some feedback from past and current playmates.  I greatly appreciate hearing from those who are willing to share some of their session experience with others, so please contact me if you’d like to contribute your own.

Gala Vanting has style, poise, and a certain “je ne sais quoi”.  She is also creative, imaginative, and (very importantly) a safe pair of hands.  Gala was my introduction to this wonderful experience, and I session with her whenever I can.  I can especially recommend her as a guide for those who are new to BDSM.  – – Peter, Melbourne

. . . . .

Gala’s empathy and understanding about my fetishes and desires are reassuring.  Even in her more forceful moments, there’s a kindness, nurturing, and encouragement which helps me to push into unknown territory and play with my boundaries.  She listens deeply to my communication both in and out of session and still manages to inspire my obedience.  I deeply value the space I go into in her sessions and am able to blot out the outside world and concentrate only on opening my body and mind to her. – – Brett, Melbourne

. . . . .

I had never been with a person in a private session before and was somewhat anxious/nervous about it. I’d also had bad experiences in public kink venues where my limits were not understood and/or not respected. But I knew BDSM/kink was something i wanted to explore more…just how was the question.

Gala was just awesome before during and after the session. She really understood my limits, my previous experiences and the shortcomings of those situations and communicated everything clearly in emails prior and in preparation on the day. She appreciated it that for me was very much about closeness, touch and sensation, especially this first time,  rather  than going to “extreme” levels. She also totally respected my particular body and identity, which as a trans woman is HUGELY important to me.

The session was everything I wanted – and maybe even went just beyond expectations with a few twists, which was cool and showed her great skill and instinct. I was able to relax into the session, enjoy it and have fun too!

I was so relaxed on every level and “floated down” comfortably afterwards. Gala checked in the next day which was appreciated and it was good to debrief.

I can only recommend Gala too highly. And I’ll be back for another session for sure. – – Lea, trans woman, early 40s

. . . . .

I was motivated enough to experience Gala’s brand of Domination that I overcame my geographical barriers to playing with Her in person and contacted Her for sessions by correspondence.  Gala makes excellent use of the tools She has to draw out my submission and gender-bending identity by controlling me via email, SMS, and Skype.  While of course I hope to someday meet Her in the flesh, our connection over distance is deep and trusting and I can feel Her presence even when logistical challenges present themselves.  I have been able to explore myself as a sissy slut both physically and psychologically, though my ‘transformation’ is entirely symbolic.  She is a master in psychological dominance.  – – Sissy Slut Sarah, 52, Perth