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women, couples, disabilty, & gender diversity

I enjoy providing services to people from all walks of life, not just your stereotypical high-powered-businessman sex work clientele.  I encourage everyone to have the experience of a sex work session at some point in their life – it’s a beautiful way to treat yourself and a great exercise in asking for what you want.

I approach all of my clients as equals, and wish to cater each session to the person who’s engaged it.  I’d love to live in a world in which I didn’t even need to say that I don’t discriminate based on gender or ability.  But until then, I’ll say it proudly.

I enjoy sessioning with people of all genders, including women, trans*, and gender-diverse people.  My politics and identity are queer, which informs my approach to my work, and I have experience sessioning with quite a few gender configurations.

I have completed the Touching Base PDAT training and welcome people with disabilities to contact me to discuss sessions.  Please note that because I am a touring worker, it is not always possible for me to session from premises that are accessible, but it is a priority of mine in booking my accommodation!

I also session with couples.  The experiences I’ve had being invited into other people’s intimate dynamics have been deeply gratifying and a lot of fun.  They’re also one of the most-requested and least-booked types of sessions I offer.  For this reason, I’ve developed some protocol around enquiring for a couples session, which I’ll need you to follow in order to discuss a booking.

First contact must be made by email (preferred) or SMS.  I will need to receive separate correspondence from each party in the couple, from separate email addresses and / or phone numbers.  This allows me to verify the consent of each party and also to understand each person’s interests in the session.  Once this has occurred we will arrange a time to chat over the phone to flesh out the enquiry and session content.  In some cases I will require a 30% deposit to secure the booking.  Rates will vary depending on session content and my role in the play.  My safer sex practices when offering erotic content will need to be adhered to, though of course I am happy for you to follow whatever protocol already exists in your relationship when interacting with one another.