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spanking sessions

I first learned about the English spanking scene from my dear friend Zoe Montana in Australia, and was amazed at her stories of such dedicated spanking enthusiasts.  She also introduced me to her friends Molly Malone and Pandora Blake, and now that I’ve had a taste of it for myself, under their guidance, I have the three of them to blame for my newfound passion for spanking.   Traditional English-style corporal punishment, is something we just don’t appreciate enough in Australia, and I’m pleased to be one of only a few practitioners offering spanking sessions here.

In London, I’m available for and 2-to-1s with my dear friends Molly Malone and Pandora Blake (see above paragraph for links).  In Melbourne and Sydney, I’m available for 2-to-1s with the wonderfully devious Helena May (aka Zoe Montana) and Goddess of Conscious Kink Artemisia de Vine.

If double seems like more trouble than you can handle, of course, I’m also available for 1-to-1 sessions.

I am absolutely a switch by nature, and enjoy both sides of the paddle or the palm.  This makes me wonderfully versatile as I have fun in roles in which I spank, get spanked, or both.  I love a bit of a power struggle – while I can certainly go down easy in the right conditions, I also enjoy being put in my place!  I also love to wrangle another into submission with my mind, my body, or both.  I’m inspired by creative scenes and racy roleplays; nothing is too taboo.

I also just adore play for play’s sake.  There’s a certain sense of indulgence that goes along with spanking and corporal play ‘just because we can’, and I don’t need any other reason to spank or be spanked apart from it just feeling good.  And it can!  I’ve learned that it doesn’t need to be about pain or ‘making your mark’; the point of impact is a point of connection, and it can carry as much sadism or softness as we like and still feel absolutely exquisite.

While I’ll admit that I’m particularly partial to the intimacy of a good hand spanking, I also love to have my senses pushed with the use of paddless, leather implements, and canes.  When paced well, a corporal session can occupy me for hours.  It’s a welcome escape into another sensory realm.

I’d love to hear from you by email if you’d like to spend some time with me.