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Hooray!  You are engaging in a professional exchange with another human being.  This warrants your respect and care, and if you can offer this you have the right to have it reciprocated.  Here are some tips on the etiquette for engaging me and my work with ease – it really makes the whole process so much more enjoyable for us both!

Please spend some time on my website reading the info relevant to your desired session.  I’ve taken the time to provide you with everything you need to know before contacting me for a booking.  Callers asking me to describe my services will be referred here, unless they are vision-impaired.

Spend some time considering your desired session content before contacting me.  When you are clear about what you want, you stand a much better chance of getting it, and the thing I actually value most in play partners is clarity and communication.  If, after making yourself very familiar with my website, you are still unsure, you are welcome to contact me for assistance in steering your session content in a direction that will be pleasing to you.

While you are welcome to contact me to ask preliminary questions about a booking, particularly if you have never done any BDSM, kink, or fetish play before, I will need to limit the amount of time I spend on this without a booking.  Asking me breathily to go into great detail about what I’ll do to you will prompt refusal and may also preclude me from answering your communications in the future!  Both of our time is valuable; please don’t waste it.

Please have a few dates and times in mind for your session when you make contact – this indicates to me that you are serious about a booking.

At least 24-48 hours’ notice is highly recommended for a booking.  Booking in advance is not only the best way to get the session you desire, but also allows me enough time to plan for our time together, which ensures a grounded, quality session.  You are always welcome to try for a short-notice booking, and of course I will accommodate you if at all possible.  But more notice is best practice, especially as my tours can book out ahead of time.

Please do not call repeatedly without leaving a voice or SMS message; ringing my phone incessantly when I cannot answer it is unlikely to endear you to me.

I do not take bookings from blocked numbers.  If you’d like to make a booking, please unblock your number by dialing 1832 before my number.

When you contact me, please introduce yourself.  I like to know who I am speaking to.

Cancellation Policy:

Confirmation of your booking is required by phone within 24 hours of your booking start time.  Any cancellations that fall within this 24 hour period will be subject to a deposit to secure your next booking.  Cancellations that occur within 16 hours of the session time will incur a $100 cancellation fee, and your next booking will require a deposit.