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session info [interstate]

While I am based in Melbourne, I tour regularly interstate to Sydney and Adelaide.  Here’s some more information about my session offerings.  For tour dates please see my tour page.  Please contact me if you’re interested in a session in any of the cities I visit.

on top.

As a Dominant, Mistress, or top, I find myself in the fabulously privileged position of taking you on a journey.  I use these three different terms to describe the same position because I play both with and without a power or D/s dynamic in my sessions, which will depend on the content of the session and the character of our connection. I truly love both styles of play and enjoy being able to move fluidly between them.

I approach dominant roles with a calm, quiet energy that can manifest both cruelly and compassionately, sometimes simultaneously.  I embody opposites in this space. I will be at times gentle and stern, expectant and rewarding, challenging and gratifying to please. Some sessions and play partners bring out my sharp intellect and wry sense of humour and are heavily verbal. Others are intensely physical and / or energetic, and will feature little more than a few words to open the scene or establish our mood. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

I focus on creating a space in which you can release yourself to me emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  My sessions are, first and foremost, about connection.  Even the most dehumanizing flavours of play are possible only through a level of connection that cultivates communication and intuition.  The deft navigation of stimulus and response.  So expect to spend a little time becoming familiar with one anothers’ presence in the space, using our senses and perhaps some verbal interplay to ‘lock into’ one another for the duration of our time together.

As for the rest of our play, the possibilities are (nearly) endless.  While I am always happy to take requests, an expanded list of my favourite types of play can be found here. You may also make requests after considering my hard limits for sessions, which can be found at the bottom of the same page.

switch and submissive.

As a switch and submissive, the playful side of my personality is likely to surface.  Within the container we co-create, I look for opportunities to allow myself to get immersed in our exchange.  A certain anarchistic streak runs deep in my psyche, and I don’t often go easily into submission; it takes a certain quality of will and a present spirit of dominance to draw it out.  This process is truly delicious to me, and plays on this ‘resilient edge of resistance’ on which I love to perch.

Switch sessions can take on a variety of tones.  Aggressive battles of strength and will, long and drawn-out sensual teasing, creative roleplays, and curious ‘I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours’ scenarios are just a few of the options, and we are limited only by the bounds of our creativity.  What I love most about switch sessions is the opportunity to move between roles and states fluidly.  This is a skill I’ve cultivated through several years of personal and professional switching, and some of the most erotically-charged sessions I’ve had have included a switch dynamic.

For me, submission is psychological and psychophysical.  It is a space I revere, and one in which I have experienced some very otherworldly states.  As a submissive, I relish the opportunity to allow another to call the shots and to cultivate the atmosphere of the session.  Submissive sessions are offered only at my discretion to discerning individuals who I feel are capable of respecting my boundaries and taking my feedback on board, whilst also offering a concentrated space for my release (or, as it may be, restraint).  Please be prepared to have in-depth communication prior to sessioning.  Where possible, I prever to cultivate longer-term relationships with those to whom I submit, which can result in a more satisfying exchange for us both.

You can find more information about the types of play I enjoy as a switch and submissive here.  If your preferred style or session content isn’t mentioned, please feel free to contact me with detail about your desires.