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so you think you’re vanilla

I often hear from people who are intersted in sessioning with me but not quite ready to immerse themselves in a full BDSM session.  Often they’re curious about a few aspects of play – bondage, blindfolds, anal play, etc – but not wanting to enter into the dynamic of a heavy power-play.

While of course kink is my passion, I’m also compelled by anyone who wants to broaden their erotic repertoire, or just try something on to see whether it might fit.  So I’ve begun to offer sessions which are geared more towards this aim.  They combine the connection and sensuality of erotic massage with a few kink elements of your choosing, allowing for a slow introduction to aspects of BDSM play.  We’ll spend some time discussing how you can ‘calibrate’ the intensity of sensation and exercise some agency in your pleasure.  These sessions tend to be rich in sensory stimulation and can be a bit more ‘disarming’ for those who are a bit scared off by the depictions they’ve seen or the experiences they’ve had with heavy BDSM play.  This is also a great space to play with things like ‘edging‘, impact play, and prostate massage.

If you’re finding that my approach is resonant with you but that you’re simply not into kink, this is a great way to share space with me and to connect through touch, breath, and the dynamics of giving and receiving.

I also offer basic vanilla erotic massage sessions in some locations.  All ‘vanilla’ sessions are charged at my base rate for dominance services.

Please note that these are sessions of one-way touch.  If you’re interested in learning some of the basics of BDSM so that you can introduce them to a lover or just test out your interest in them, consider booking a switch session with me.