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the switch

As a switch, I enjoy a variety of types of play, whether as part of an overall roleplay or power dynamic, or just ‘play for play’s sake’.  If there’s something you’d enjoy which isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with me – if it’s not something I’ll enjoy, I’ll respectfully decline, but I love to try new things when the environment is safe and comfortable.

I receive these types of play within my personal boundaries for intensity, and my safe word must be honoured the first time, every time.  I particularly value returning clients for these types of sessions, as the trust built through repeated play can allow us to play more deeply.

A note on erotic content: I’m not much of a sexual submissive.  For me, switching is about give and take of energy and power in SM play, and switch sessions that are heavily focussed on sexual play tend not to interest me.  In my sessions in general, my touch is directed towards you.  This means that I am more than happy to offer erotic touch as negotiated before the session begins.  If you’re looking for a very sexual submissive session, you might have a look through my friends links for someone who might be better suited to your needs.

. . . . .

Rough handling and a bit of a grapple can be incredibly sexy.  I really enjoy wrestling play, particularly in a switch context, and find these to be some of the most erotically-charged sessions I’ve experienfced.  Please note that I am not a competitive or semi-professional wrestler – while I’m certainly invested in getting the better of you, the tone of my wrestling sessions is generally more erotic / sensual.  I very much enjoy the exchange of weight and skin-to-skin contact that occurs in these sessions.

I can receive light to medium spanking and other forms of corporal punishment should this be warranted.  I like this type of play so very much that it’s got its very own set of information.  This is also the only type of session in which I am happy to be in a bottoming / submissive role for the entirety of the session.

I love the embrace of good bondage, and am particularly fond of rope as a tool of connection.  Practical and aesthetically pleasing, it segments my curvaceous frame beautifully.

Sensory deprivation and overstimulation is a beautiful way to attune my awareness and keeps me on my toes (or my knees, as it were).  My senses are acute and very gratifying to toy with – this can be a fabulous little rabbit hole to venture down with the right play partner.

I very much enjoy teasing, edging, and denial in a variety of forms.  I am also the proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand, which is a fabulous tool for both forced and ruined orgasms, guaranteed to produce results!

Role play is also something I can really dig into as a switch.  The opportunity to step out of my ‘pedestrian’ identity is welcome, and turned tables can be incredibly exciting.

I also really enjoy introducing people to kink play and often receive inquiries from people wanting to learn some basic skills for bringing BDSM and kink play into their existing sexual relationships, or are just interested in building a kinky skillset.  While there are plenty of public workshops geared towards this, I understand that some require the discretion and attention of a 1-to-1 educational experience.  I offer BDSM101 sessions to those who are keen to learn.  These sessions can include information on negotiation, technique, honing one’s roleplay skills, or any other learning goals you might have, and they’re specific to the types of play you’re most interested in and would like the opportunity to try yourself.  These sessions can also be conducted with couples.

. . . . .

Here are a few things I’m not able to receive in switch and submissive sessions.  Please don’t ask as refusal may offend.

  • brown showers / scat play
  • roman showers / vomit play
  • unsafe sexual activity
  • anal play
  • gags (this is negotiable in long-term play relationships)
  • illegal activities
  • rope suspension
  • electrical play
  • sounds or catheters
  • needles