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It’s been a busy June, so blogging efforts have been channelled toward my Scarlet Blue quota this month!  Hope to be back at it in July.  I’ll be spending the entire month in Melbourne, so for those who’ve been waiting to see me there, you’re in luck! As many of you know, I do a […]

For those who lap up every word I drop behind me, you’ll be please do know that I’m now guest blogging fortnightly on Scarlet Blue, Australia’s classiest web directory of independent escorts, fetish workers, and sexual service providers.  My first post is already live, and is directed towards those who don’t quite ‘get’ the whole […]

I recently participated in a video project aimed at introducing its viewers to shibari (Japanese rope bondage).  The process of production was a lot less professional than the finished product, but I think it conveys a few of the key points that characterise my approach to rope bondage (plus, pretty pictures) so I’d like to […]

The concept of ASMR was first brought to my attention by a regular playmate who included it in his suggestions for play for our upcoming session.  Any session inquiry that forces me to Google terms is one that I want to at least consider.  I ended up spending the next few hours in a YouTube […]

I recently acquired a new set of sounds, which I’d been meaning get my hands on for awhile.  Back when I was a naive apprentice at The Correction Centre, Mistress Tova introduced me to sounding as a mode of CBT.  And while they can be quite delightfully tortuous, and truly activitating of the sadist in […]

It’s only March and this year I’ve hit Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane – some multiple times! As many of you know, I have decided to move from working primarily in Melbourne to becoming a touring Domina and switch, both within Australia and internationally.  And as soon as I made the decision, it was as good […]