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2015 is a show on the road!

It’s only March and this year I’ve hit Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane – some multiple times!

As many of you know, I have decided to move from working primarily in Melbourne to becoming a touring Domina and switch, both within Australia and internationally.  And as soon as I made the decision, it was as good as done!  I’ve been on the road almost constantly since mid-January and thoroughly enjoying it.  I’ve got a fascination with liminal spaces and am a sucker for frequent-flyer schemes, so spending as much time as I have in airports and on planes has been more enjoyable than I feel comfortable admitting.


Touring is ideal for me.  I session best when I’m on a roll, and wished that I’d had a Post-Session-Cam that captured my expression after I closed the door behind each of my clients.  Fist-pumps and smiles all round.  Feeling great about the work I do is absolutely paramount to me, and I find that the momentum built during a 4- or 5-day stint in an unfamiliar place really tends to offer me that feeling on repeat.  I began to notice this when touring to London in July and October of last year, and have continued to ride that wave here in Australia.

My first-ever visit to Brisbane has just taken place, and I’m just astonished by the sheer enthusiasm shown to a Brisbane Mistress and switch by so many of the local kinksters.  There seems to be a very small but rather vibrant scene there, and one that I’ll definitely be taking part in again.  A few of my tour highlights were:


Needless to say, I’ll be back to Brisbane as soon as it’ll have me!  Apologies to everyone who I wasn’t able to fit in on this trip.  Next time I’ll need to stay a few extra days I suspect – you all kept me run off my Fluevogs!

Dominatrix legs stockings and high heels

Mistress and Switch Gala Vanting getting a taste for Brisbane kink



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