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The Sounds of Silence

I recently acquired a new set of sounds, which I’d been meaning get my hands on for awhile.  Back when I was a naive apprentice at The Correction Centre, Mistress Tova introduced me to sounding as a mode of CBT.  And while they can be quite delightfully tortuous, and truly activitating of the sadist in me, I think my favourite way of using sounds is as a mode of sensation play.

Stainless Steel Urethral Sounds

Slick, Solid, Stainless Steel Sounds

For those who don’t know, sounds are metal rods of various shapes and sizes which are inserted into the urethra, and have medical, body modification, and of course kinky uses.

Sounding is something that can be done in quite a curious and power-neutral way.  It’s one of those intricate, invasive, and attention-demanding forms of play – one requiring a very steady hand, sterile lubricant and the sharp scent of alcohol swabs – that really lends itself to a meditative state for both people involved.  I can really lose myself in the concentration it takes to truly listen to what’s happening in the body, using the sound as a conduit between myself and my play partner.  A subtle change in pressure, depth, or the speed of motion can feel like a massive shift, so stillness and silence tend to be the key to allowing this type of play to progress and deepen.

For a receiver, sounding is really about acceptance and allowance.  The intention and sensation of allowing one’s urethra to open up, to increase its diameter, and to welcome in this extension of my body can be quite a curious one, and one that requires total presence.  This is why I so enjoy giving this and many other types of physically-invasive play.  We concentrate our entire awareness on a single point, allowing our bodies to meet there, and we attempt to communicate with one another through this highly-calibrated locus of sensation.  And perhaps, from there, that sensation begins to resonate and reference out through the rest of the body.  And that, my pretties, is why I always, always play with awareness on the breath!

The first to test-drive these smooth, slick sounds was a new playmate – we’ll call him James.  This was his first experience with sounding, and his cock welcomed them in such that we were able to move up several sizes in a short period of time.  Eventually I found him bucking his hips towards the metal rod, as though he were fucking the sound itself.  Exquisite.  And such a wonderful headfuck – to see a cock both fucking and being fucked simultaneously.  I think we were both equally pleased with the experience, and I daresay he’s a soundslut in the making.

I look forward to converting a few more of them during the long life of my new toys.  Curious?  Let’s discuss.

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