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especially for panty fetishists

For those enthusiasts of panties, stockings, and other undergarments: it’s your lucky day.

I offer my worn unmentionables for purchase within Australia and around the world.  Perhaps you’re a panty-sniffer, intoxicated by the aroma of a pair of well-worn underthings.  Or maybe you have a taste for their texture, the way they feel against the skin.  Perhaps you’re even compelled to try them on yourself, which of course I welcome you to do!

All panties and stockings will be worn for a full day – sometimes even in my sessions – and express-posted out on the next day, which means that they’ll be freshly-scented for all of you panty perverts.  And as those who’ve had the privilege of being my personal throne in session can tell you, my scent is deliciously rich and will stay with you for some time.

Availability and turnaround will vary depending on where in the world I am, so simply email me if you’re interested in purchasing and we’ll go from there.  Each item is AUD $60 including express shipping within Australia.  My overseas admirers need only contact me for a quote on posting to your locale.  Discounts are offered for more than 2 items purchased at a time.  Payment method will be discussed when you enquire.  You can also, of course, buy them on the day of a session, but do keep in mind that your intent to do so will need to be declared in our pre-session communication.

I am more than happy to consider special requests regarding the style and / or fabric of the panties and the activities conducted whilst I’m wearing them, noting that some requests may incur an extra fee.  This is a great way to connect with me over distance, as I’m never in one place for very long!